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2020 Inductee

Erika Scheimer (born Erica Schiemer, April 24, 1960) is an American voice actress in the cartoons of the defunct Filmation animation-studio. She is the daughter of Lou Scheimer, who was an integral member of Filmation and a voice actor in his own right.

She is best recognized for her work on the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, where she provided additional female voices and occasional voice-acting for young boys (such as Prince Adam's cousin). She is often mistaken for Jay Scheimer (Lou's wife) as the second voice for Queen Marlena, originally voiced by Linda Gary.

Erika Scheimer also provided many voices for the spin-off series, She-Ra, including FrostaQueen AngellaImpPerfumaPeekablueLoo-Kee and Flutterina. Additionally, she, (along with her father Lou), provided voices for Bill Cosby's Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

In 2007, Scheimer publicly declared her homosexuality. In an interview with Terrance Griep, Scheimer explained that she felt comfortable as a lesbian working for Filmation: "I was a strong female voice myself, and—guess what?—I happened to be gay. Does that make any difference about anything? I'll tell you one thing, it didn't matter, because Filmation was one of the gayest places in town."

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